McGowen Catering Service


catering San Angelo since 1964

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​McGowen Catering Service

Our story starts back in 1942.  Our grandfather bought a neighborhood grocery store that had been closed on Avenue J.  The building is now Mr. T's Restaurant.  Our father Greg worked for his dad at the store and did most of the butchering.  When our grandfather passed away in 1959, our father took over the grocery store.  It wasn't long afterwards that he started serving some homemade dishes out of the grocery.  This led to him remodeling the grocery into a deli and party room.  Then a friend asked him to cater for his business and this led him towards catering.  ​​So our catering business began back in 1964.  In 1977 our father was approached about relocating his catering business to the Rio Concho Manor (a 10 story retirement center).  He decided this would be a great way to expand the business.  It was just a few years later that our mom and dad moved into the Rio Concho Manor.  Our father retired from the business in the early 1990s and turned over the business to us.  He passed away in 1998, but our mother still lives here at the Manor.  We are blessed to be able to work and see our mother everyday.  She has been the rock in our family. 

​This is a little synopsis of what has transpired over the years in our little business.  We have so many memories and stories that come with the years and so many catering events.  We are very appreciative of the people who have entrusted us with catering their events. 

​Thank you San Angelo,
                                              Randy & Kelly McGowen